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Repositioning a reform church to reach non-traditional families, rebuild broken communities and stay relevant on issues important to a post-Christian America.

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The world is a precarious place that can feel relentless and unforgiving. At every stage of our lives love presents itself as a light in the darkness of that struggle, but we wrestle with how to love because we aren't perfect people—nobody is. It is the mission of this community to provide meaning, beauty and a way through struggle using the gospel of Jesus Christ as a blueprint to build bridges in our lives and communities to an everloving and forgiving god.

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Project Background

According to long-term data, every major religious denomination in America has been on the decline since WWII.[1] In 2018, it’s estimated only 4% of Millenials were active in a church while an older, more dedicated generation becomes smaller everyday. America—having historically relied on churches as a crucial social safety net—has seen rises in homelessness, substance abuse and widening political divisions as the social fabric a church can provide continues to erode. This has left a vacuum in American communities and with no new institutions taking its place in significant enough numbers, the lack of social cohesion threatens to rip apart communities nationwide.

At the same time, Americans are becoming increasingly skeptical of a certain brand of institutionalized Christianity that can seem more interested in policing morals than creating a compelling response to an epidemic of loneliness & despair that is pervasive in modern American culture.[2] While there have been earnest attempts by many forward thinking congregations to address contemporary issues, younger generations simply aren’t engaged in ways inspiring action.[3]

America is indeed caught in a spiritual crisis as much as a social & economic crisis at the dawn of this century.

Under the leadership of pastor Mark Lohman, The Bridge recognized a need to integrate a hopeful Christian mission deep into the communities it serves so they may engage these issues head on. Commissioned as a logo redesign, the project scope was widened to include a communications strategy to bring about a reimagining of how Christianity can impact the world in the twenty-first century starting at the local level.

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